… where have you gone
they needed you so bad your dad and your mom
i remember when you were born
you were the gift of happiness
you came in the world to replace all the sadness
what kind of punishment is this
please God, I cant understand any of it
I sat down at the funeral
I prayed to you God, I asked for a miracle
over and over i just kept repeating
bring her back God, please, just agree with me
i thought i would never have to bury a child again
and sometimes it just seems like the torment will never end
and i feel so empty inside, i act like i’m ok but last night i cried
i cried cuz i missed you so much
I remember seeing you in the hospital, I remember the touch
the touch of your tiny feet on my mouth
remember that time when i moved my belly?
you looked so cute when you copied me.
do you remember that little jumper i bought
your feet wouldnt touch the ground
you were ten months you didnt even learn to crawl
after you passed away i wanted to punch the wall
you were getting better, you were getting well
what the hell, what went wrong i’m so confused
i want you back, i want to play with you…

… You will always be in my heart, forever and ever. I will never forget you.