In repsonse to a person who said “I hate Pakistan” on (zeeshan’s new website) i wrote a freestyle.. you can check out Zee’s website at

“Maybe the earthquake was your God’s way of getting rid of the terrorists (funded by Pakistan’s ISI) that occupy the earthquake struck part of Pakistan and PoK!” posted by Anonymous

i hate people who hate people
I hate retards who live in U.S. and think the worlds equal
i hate people who think they are funny
i hate people who dont know what its like to live without money
i hate people who wish death upon others
i hate people who try and hurt my sisters, and mothers
i hate people who live above the poverty line
and think that stealing money for poor people is just fine
i hate people who bring in their own bias
and then think there making a point or think their being pious
I hate people, who hate people therefore I hate myself
and its sad cuz we live in a world that needs so much help
and everyday that I think the worlds made progress
I read what people like you write and i just try and bless
the world with something positive to think, i’m sad to see people dying in New Orleans, and the tsunami,and belive it or not i would be sad to see something to happen to your family, but then again… thats just me.