I have been browsing the new video google site and am very impressed of its functionality. I used it earlier when it was still beta testing, but now it seems alot more solid. I just started browsing random clips and started watchign, most of the video’s are fast and short. One of the best features, is the Download to PSP Video option for me. I havent been using my psp for games that much and converting movies to mp4 format can take ages (atleast on my pc) so having the convenience to automatically download a movie in psp (or ipod video for the retards who bought that crap) is really a neat feature.

The only downfall ofcourse is the whole, paying bit. But i’m not surprised, they gotta make money too, and they have to make it legit. You can still watch 30 seconds of an Usher video but no dl’ing unless you pay 2.00 dollars. If they make it 1.00 Canadian, I might foolishly start dl’ing an endless supply of video’s which I dont need. Something I did with cell phone ring tones. Google Video, a smart, and easy to use video search engine. It even has a put this on your site button. Let me try that now.