i saw the white sheets smothered with blood
first hurricane katrina followed by a flood
and now this, the earth shakes, causing an earthquake
in the same country my parents were born
its so painful, so many people to mourn
when i first saw the news on PTV
they showed a child on the ground lying
then they showed a boy hunched over crying
the reported asked him whats wrong?
the tearful boy points to the boy on the ground and says that was my brother
it even took my mother, the image of it still makes me shudder
i just couldnt bare to watch it, i dropped my head fighting back the tears
it made me think about life, and about all of my fears
I pray to God to give them hope, they’re showing women fainting on the ground
I’m in a room surrouned by twenty people but noone makes a sound

So let us take a moment in silence, for the people have lost their lives
for the people, who have lost their mothers, brothers, daughters and wives

It leaves me crushed, but at the same time I feel touched by all the support people have sent in to those people who have lost everything.