something is inside those model cars that I make
if somethign goes wrong with them I start to shake
i came home from work tonight
see all four wheels off and i’m like
FUCK, who the fuck touched my shit
i go bezerk, i’ll tell off one of your kids
so this is it, you’ll never ever guess
same kid before, but this time its his lil brother makin’ mess
so i start yelling to my uncle, trying to make him understand
he say’s what am i supposed to do? but he just uses his hands?
he slaps the kids for his own stupidity,
honest to God its not the kids fault there not supervised
i’m at work, at the parents dont know what to do? what a life?
you got three kids now, you should know…
so he threatens me by saying we should go?
and I will never bring my kids here again..
i’m boiling up inside, those kids are my friends
IF ONLY they understood
5 sometimes 12 months of work
I build it with a passion
in a second kids are mashin’
so my uncle says how much does it cost a hundred, a thousand?
its not about the money, i say your kids could get hurt in the basement
but these ppl dont understand, there solution is to hit
get so confused, and i wanna give em’ shit
just look at me and listen to this
you make lil babies, u gotta be thinking, u aint crazy?
so the lil kid grows up, and they understand
but not if u keep on using that hard ass hand
my uncle works in a shop, his hands are like metal
so when a kid gets hit, i feel it in my heart
but when the parents dont understand, its just so hard
nothing creates more rage, then seeing my model cars busted
if u dont belive me, talk to some ppl who i once entrusted
the writing, it helps, helps take away the anger
i feel bad for yelling at my uncle now
didnt know he would take it out on the kids
didnt know it was the lil one’s birthday, now he’s got a red cheek
why must i feel reponsible for parents mentality