… until you have read through the platforms!

I am tired of preaching a sermon about voting consciously and critically. If individuals around me want to vote randomly without being informed about each party and their platforms what am I do? I cannot change their “ignorance is bliss” motto. Nor I am going to invest some energy into it. Believe me I tried. By questioning those around me regarding why they have a sign on their front yard supporting a party or why they are voting for a party, I have received fuckingly bogus answers (from some). All I am saying is if you decide to vote, please read and be informed about who it is you are voting for. I mean, after all the voting is done and over with, please do not come to me and ask me why another gang shooting happened or why the cost for post-secondary education is not decreasing, etc. I am so sick and tired of hearing this bullshit. Anyways, here I leave you with some links as hope to stir some critical desicion making. It’s up to you if you want to be informed or not, and even vote or not vote.

Thank You …and yes, I am fucking going away now…

Political Platforms: