UPDATE: After going through the IP’s of commentors, I noticed some identify theft happening on my site. So I did some snooping around and checked the IP’s and found matches that match up pretty well with Zee.
Bono’s IP: 142.150.XXX.157 Originating from a University of Toronto computer at where Zeeshan spends most of his time, I found that his own IP also falls into that range just the last three numbers are different but it is him.
Zeshans’s IP: 142.150.XXX.111 also originating from University. Considering this website only has bout 3 main viewers its quite easy to note that Zee is the Bono Impersonator.
I will try to think of a bono/zee freestyle and make a flash if i really have nothign better to do. šŸ™‚

The Bono Imposter has been found. I dont have time to show the evidene because I am on my way to someone’s house. But I will be back with proof. A picture is worth a thousand words.