at first it was tom
now theres a new fucker at the end of this gun
hee hee Heetesh, why do you trouble mee
why are u such a bitch
watch your back u fuckin’ snitch
what do u really get out of this?
u think somehow you will get rich
u got a lil kid at home
but ur always talkin’ bout how you want to bone
dont u ever tell me u know how work is so hard
u work in a gas station, not no fuckin’ garage
have u ever worked in a warehouse
naw, u havent so shut your mouth
and dont u dare judge me, and my religious beliefs
not all brown-canadian kids are like u, mr. Hateeesh
hit esh whateva, ur fuckin’ name is
to me, ur nonone, fuckin nameless
and shameless, the way you told me how u left ur religion back in ur country
i swear to god, i weep for ppl like u, ur fuckin’ disgustin
if u have no faith, what have u got…
do u even know of the meaning of that red dot
i need a new job, somebody fine me one quick
my co-worker looks like he wants to suck my managers dick

but honestly dude, u are prolly the lowest form of human i’ve seen
no morals, no character, not even a fuckin’ spleen
u a spineless coward, thas why u say shit behind my back
u got a wife and kids, but its a BRAIN you lack…

SHIT, time to go study