ok now continues the drama
second time being fired, do i deserve this karma
i never even argued with you once
i did ur work while u sit and look like a dunce
well, i dont even need that job at shell, you can burn in hell, u can rot mother fucker, u make me yell
i dont even know how you got that job, u prolly dont even know how to spell
you fired me on the phone, got no guts mofo, give it a few more days and u’ll be gone
u dont even know how to run the damn place, talking shit to people all up in their face
mother fucker blaming me every single day, i’m warning u mofo.. i’mma put ur in ur place
6 feet deep, is where you will sleep and tragedy will hit while i’m surrounded by the heat
for the longest time i didnt know why you targeted me
then u found about tom firing me, but didnt take into consideration his stupidity
i was so pissed i went to the cops, stupid pigs do nothign unless your shot
well I make twice as much at a new job, so i consider myself lucky and hope you get robbed
i’m tired of this shit, i’mma just let it go
i dont even need ur money you stupid ho