you see, i have a lil problem
i got friends, but never call em

sometimes i wonder why they ever keep in touch
i’m gratefull for having friends who care so much

what the hell is wrong with me
must i express myself using profanity

now just let me set it straight, let me just remind myself
they will stop calling, and ill be left crying for help

i gotta put some effort into friendship
cuz the path i’m taking is on course of the titanic ship

what does it hurt, to just call em’ up and say hi
why do i wait till they call, what kind of a guy am I?

noone will ever save me
why would they, just look what they gave me

shit, i just realized why i was so alone in highschool
i had friends for lunch and classes, but after that it was all cool
danm i’m such a fool, i’ll drown alone in this pool

msn is a poor excuse
ppl bored as fuck, tryin’ to get amused
they’ll hit you up when they need some help
then they’ll return u to their block list
i’ve been there, so i know how it felt

internet was supposed to get us all together
supposed to make these bonds even better

i’ll admit, it helps cuz its just so ez
but all these pervs on the nets, so damn sleezy

I just want to communicate to the world
so i set up this site, spun it around and watched it twirl

its nice to see so many ppl’s comments
i marvel some lyrics, some make mine look like nonsense
sometimes baba’s bullshit really makes sense
sometimes i just wanna put up a fence
and run around with no pants

still, i’ll try and call u, but if u call me i wont get billed
so hit me up, whenever u want to chill…
oops i did it again, pulled a britney spears on all my friends
shit, i gotta kick this habbit
u know a squirrel is alot dumber than a rabbit
whenever i get the chance i’mma grabbit
off that shit i’mm let all y’all have it

ring ring, i’ll try and hit all of you up some day
to all the peeps i havent called
i wanna appologize and let u know i love y’all
so when i’m bout to leave this world and about to fall
i want the memory of me to stand tall
thas all i got for now, i’ll see u next fall, in the mall, playing ball, …

beep. leave ur message after the beep…