sometime life gives us various tests
and i know that your fathers not feeling well
just wanted to let you know that i’m here for you
whenever you need someone to talk to
life can get so hard, its difficult to bare
i’m not in your position, so saying “i know how you feel” just isnt fair
just remember that you got friends that care
you got me my first job, back in highschool
ha ha, I remember you sweatin’ in the soup
remember going bowling after our shift
wearing nasty boaden clothes that smelled like shit
ha ha, didnt matter dawg those days were fun
now lifes stressin us, wishin we had a gun
now i know you think all your chips are down
and i cant promise you a better future, all i ask is you dont frown
cuz when days get tough, think of a time you werent down
i will never be able to explain why bad things happen to good people
there has to be something better for us, we’re the opposite of evil

this is for my friend Derek, who is going through some hard times…
I got your back