I worked on this while I was bored shitless at work. Asif is the inspiration for the peice and it is indeed based on his past (but not ALL IS REAL)

playa playa, playa got played
and in the end, never got paid
hell, atleast he got laid
the girl looted him, he fuckin’ got raid
he went to her house and told me… “she’s gonna get sprayed”
he put the gun up to her face, and to God she prayed
she never respected him, for what he gave
now just look at what you made…..
(gun shots firing)

he was like her personal bank
now u going to her house in ur personal tank

now here’s an example of a girl with too much pride
she ****’s, and then says nothing happened between you and I
ha ha, u goin’ to her house in a tank, Where’s she gonna HIDE??
this girl tried and tried, but to herself she repeatedly lied
she fucked you up emotionally and mentally, it’s like your brain is fried
shit, *igga, I wouldnt be surprised if she made you cry

but honestly Asif, i know the hate is great
but you could never kill, u got too much faith
but what had u blinded, her heart, or her shape
or was it simply just her face

Now let me tell you about this special day
It was really close to Asif’s Birthday
so she took him shopping with his credit card
Now, the next shit you will hear is totally bizzare
she bought 500 bills worth of stuff for a friend
but poor Asif was thinkin’ in his head, this is all pretend
she’s just making that up to surprise
me…but, that was the one time she didnt speak all lies
when Asif saw her write the name on the card, he couldnt believe his eyes

Now i dont know where to go
is this girl cheating me, is she just a ho
how could she do this to me, does this shit just go right over her head
how could i do this to myself i am filled with so much dread
and now i am thinking while i’m sitting next to her bed with this gun up to her hed
her face turns from brown to white to completely and fully red
get up girl.. get up.. didnt you hear what i said
hi, my name is Asif and i am your collection agency
i gave you a full week to pay, and now its time for me to see.. what you’ll do for me
where is the cash, i even lowered the amount for you
now shes going crazy, tellin’ me she has to go poo
i tell her, i’ve already been scammed like that, now dont think imma fool
the shit u did to me just simply wasnt cool
now i didnt want to bring it this level, just look at what u made me do

(To Be Continued…)

This is a picture of Asif looking to God for help.
(this is a work in progress and I hope to write more as the drama increases lol)