I woke up around 10:40am today and I brushed my teeth and washed my face. My usual routine is to come down and check my e-mails and possibly chat online. Today I saw this flashing window from M. All it said was “307 is up!!!!” So I click on the rosi shortcut I have on my Top Personal toolbar in firefox. I put in my studend number and password and a big error shows up. Cuz my bookmark was actually linked to a very old version rosi which is no longer in use. SO i type in http://www.rosi.utoronto.ca and click that login button near the lil bastard mascots and then I copy the shortcut and update my bookmark.

992100472, I type it into the login id box and put in my password ******. The thoughts rushing through my head are.. I hope I dont fail. The guy isnt that mean, he’ll give me a 65 atleast. Oh my god one my stories didnt even have proper referencing. Oh shit, i’m gonna fail. I click on the quick link to Academic history and scroll down to the newly updated WRI307 mark. The final mark to be posted, my other marks arent too bad 74,75,75,77. There I see it. My mark. My jaw drops. This cant be. How is this possible. Here is waht i saw.

WRI307H5  Science and Writing                      0.50  85  A

Ladies and gentlemen. It is indeed my first A, in my entire University Life. And for it to come from such an unexpected course is not only shocking but uplifting to me. Imagine If I had tried harder, I mean dont get me wrong, I worked my ass off to write those stories about the pitcher plant. But mostly not until near the end of the course. This has been a truly uplifting experience. Today, for once, I finally feel smart.